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Since 2010 PL Harper Consulting has offered quality fire training, officer development and coaching, and leadership classes through the eastern half of the United States.

PL Harper Consulting’s Officer Leadership Series has roots in the National Fire Academy’s Leadership series. This program has been conducted in countless fire departments both in and outside Indiana for the past nine years and builds on the student’s state certifications, higher learning, and experience.

PL Harper Consulting also offers, Verify IC, which will use your agency’s modus operandi to put your incident commanders to the test. We’ll help your agency develop personnel who can safely and confidently make decisions in line with your department’s policies, guidelines, and priorities.

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The first five minutes on the scene can dictate the outcome of an event.

Are your personnel ready to manage an emergency incident for the first five and beyond?

Put your membership to the test in a fun, risk-free environment

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Most fire departments spend little to nothing out of their training budget on officer development, yet poor leadership and management is the usually the #1 cause of firefighter migration


Let us help your department learn from previous incidents

The PL Harper Consulting Team can research and develop after action reviews of significant incidents and events

Avoiding “Checking the Box” Incident Command:

Answering the “Why” Questions on Fire Command, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Resource Management and Accountability.

Saturday, September 26th, 2020 0800-1600 with lunch provided

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Are you a Fire Officer or an Acting Fire Officer? Are you completing and documenting any continuing education?

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